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Mankato High School
Class Of 1970


50th Class Reunion …..August 2021

Friday August 13th, 2021

Approximately 110 classmates and guests gathered at the Loose Moose in downtown Mankato. (Old Town Theater/Mettlers)  Two former teachers also joined us, John Behrends and Roger Banwart.

Saturday August 14th, 2021

12:00-1:30  Classmates Steve Peterson and Bill Hiniker led our school bus tour around a much changed Mankato (we only got lost once)  We went by all the former elementary and junior high schools, and some of the areas of town we lived in, such as Skyline, North Mankato and West Mankato.  They pointed out where things had been like Robby's, Marti's, A& W Root Beer, and Front Street.  Some things were  still there, like the Kato Ballroom, that's when we got lost.  We were served the typical high school sack lunch of a peanut butter sandwich, chips, an apple and chocolate chip cookies!  

At 1:30pm we were given a tour of the school by Sherri Blasing, principal.  It was nice to see that not much had changed.  There was a weight room added on to the front part of the gym, the pool was deemed "too old" and drained, and the cafeteria got an updated makeover.  The halls and rooms are much the same.  They have been well cared for and over the summer had been waxed and shined.  The auditorium was still the bright red upholstered chairs, just the way we left it......even nicer!   

5:00pm AmericInn  7:00 Dinner of Rosemary Chicken or Pork Tenderloinwas served to approximately 110 classmates and guests were served.  8:00 program  Welcome by Sally and Janine and intoduction of the reunion committee. Tom Lund, our class president, gave a poignant, moving speech before playing our  DVD of 76 classmates who have died over the last 51 years. We then played the morphing video made by Dale Menten featuring over 100 photos sent in by classmates. Dale took our yearbook picture and changes us into our updated 2020 picture!  There are also pictures of places throughout Mankato all put to music.....Dales own music.  If you remember he was a member of the singing group the "Gestures".  The rest of the evening was filled with classmates connecting with others with the help of the nametags provided with a yearbook picture to remind us of what we looked like 51 years ago!  Rick Miller provided our nice 60's background music and Vicki Enfield Young and her helpers did an amazing job decorating!  See everyone for the 55th reunion....2025!






This reunion will be fun!

Hey, I lent my Yearbook to someone on the 5th year reunion committee-but never got it back! Don't remember who it was; but if I could get it returned at this point, I offer a $500.00 reward with no questions asked. Return it to Sally or Janine if you prefer. Be nice to have it-I miss it.

This reunion is going to be great. Thanks to Sally & Janine, and others who have put it together.

Andy Johnson

okay Everybody of the MHS Class of 1970: howdy to y'all from Nancy "Editorial Page Editor Evans" from sunny Mexico -- which by the way, is a GREAT place to hang-out and (knock-on-wood) stay away from the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic!!! So I thought that I'd updated my 50th Reunion Response w/in the past couple weeks to reflect that Life Events have intervened (as in family and renter health-related concerns) but I guess not based upon one of the private msgs I got. Soooooo, here's the latest: despite the Delta Variant and probably feeling like a sardine in a jam-packed can, I will be hopping on an airplane on Aug 10th bound from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on up to Mpls - St Paul and then drive down to Kato in time to participate in the 50th Class Reunion activities. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can the reunion weekend!! I want to also take this opportunity to send a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Sally and Janine for putting this "puppy" together - not Once but Twice - what gluttons for punishment are ya!! But the Effort is appreciated from this neck-of-the-woods!! Hasta luego and sending (virtual) hugs, Nancy (and, btw, I can be reached by MN-based Vonage phone: 507-933-4579 until Aug 10th and then on my MN-based "burner phone" 507-340-1791 until Sept 12th)....... p.s. hey, lighten-up, you don't HAVE TO phone me -- I just figured some of you might want to inform me IF YOU'VE SEEN THIS INFO BEFORE and, consequently, I didn't have to fess-up to being a "techie dinosaur" after all!! Oh well, so what, I'm a "techie dinosaur" and I'm turning 69-1/2 years old tomorrow ( mom had the family celebrate my 1/2 BD cuz there were just too many snowstorms on my actual February BD - I especially like the idea nowadays!!!)