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02/09/20 12:34 PM #2    

Doug Babb

I recently looked at my Junior Otaknam and saw Pat's note to me: "Some of the best times in my life were with you. Always remember me." As we get closer to our 50th reunion, please remember Pat Mutch. She only lived 19 years. She never got married or had children.  Pat had an amazing smile and a tender heart. She was such a sweet soul.I've thought about her every day for 49 years. I miss her.

02/11/20 10:32 AM #3    

Andrew Johnson

I remember Pat Mutch. You described her accurately, and your commentary is especially appropriate. I look forward to seeing you at the 50th reunion.       Andy J.



09/18/20 09:48 AM #4    

Mark Carlson

This is mostly directed to Doug Babb, but is intended for everyone else to a lesser degree. You asked to always  remember Pat in your post. From our graduation to June 1972 I worked for the Landkamer Funeral Home as a student trainee and had the very sad and somber duty of working the visitation for the funeral of Pat and  her brother. You can rest assured that I will NEVER EVER forget her or those dark hours that I answered that door at the old Landkamer Funeral Home. That time is burned in my memory forever as if it was yesterday. Pat had signed my junior yearbook also and those words mean more to me than any others in that yearbook.

09/19/20 02:24 PM #5    

Doug Babb

Hi Mark: I am so happy to hear from you and hope you are well. Thank you for your kind comments and memories of Pat. That visitation was one of the most diifcult experiences of my life. I did not realize you were there as an intern. Again, thank you for thinking about Pat. All the best, Doug.

05/25/21 11:52 AM #6    

Doug Babb

We are at our mountain home in Evergreen,Colorado. While driving up the mountain just now, I heard the song, "Everything That Touches You" by the Association. Tears welled up in my eyes. Why, I thought. Then I remembered that was the first song I heard when I got home after Pat's funeral. It was a bitterly cold, gray, cloudy, depressing day. The song goes, " your love is real, you show the feel, of everything that touches you". That was Pat. Her love was real, and she touched  the heart of everyone she knew. The second song I heard after the funeral was "No Fair At All", also by the Association. What happened to Pat was truly no fair at all. Whether you attend the reunion or not, please remember the love and beauty that was Pat Mutch.


08/04/21 10:24 PM #7    

Nancy Evans







Nancy Evans here....  and a bit belated, at that....  I can honestly say that I have NEVER gotten over Patty's death.  It seemed and still seems so UNfair!!  Prior to Pat's death I'd experienced my paternal grandfather's passing, a close friend's brother dying, even Robert F. Kennedy's death but for some reason Pat's death hit me POWERFULLY!!!  I remember working at Madsen's restaurant as the late night cook & asst mgr and that particular shift, the MN State Troopers were talking about the horrible accident scene they'd just been at and the tow truck driver who'd been at the scene (Kent Garvin) was beside himself when he was informed that one of the victims had been Patty.....  and it was at that SAME TIME I learned of the details!!  I could not believe it - I did not want to believe it - and I plunged into a really deep shock.  My mom later told me I came home and started making all kinds of phone calls to make certain there was a "good turnout" at Patty's funeral....  a "good turnout" - wow!!  I don't remember a SINGLE THING about the funeral (i.e. no memories of being there physically at the funeral, seeing anybody there, going to the funeral home if there was a memorial service, nothing as far as any music, any words spoken at the funeral, not knowing if I was at the gravesite but I'm guessing I was -- nothing - not a thing - nothing at all).  I was deep in shock and a very deep depression as a consequence of Pat's passing.   Nothing I'd written about depression for MHS newspaper staff even came close to the "deep dark hole" I found myself.  I experienced a 'crisis of faith' and my mom later told me she was scared for me ---> all I know is that Pat's sudden death made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER TO ME!!  Never has!!!  Never will!!  All I could finally come to for peace was a point where I reckoned with the concept that NONE OF US KNOWS HOW LONG WE HAVE IN THIS OLE WORLD - WE BEST MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY SINGLE DAY WE HAVE!!  

Patty wrote on her graduation class photo to me: "I never told anyone what you've told me. I never will. We sure had some great high school newspaper late night paste-up sessions.  You have been a great friend to me, Nancy; and I hope we will remain friends for forever.  Love, Pat"  

And it is Patty whom I think of to this very day when "something I can't explain" takes me aback.... like 9.11 or senseless mass shootings or even the COVID Pandemic itself... we need to make the MOST of every single day we have here on Earth!!!  Maybe it's corny, or naive, or sounds a bit cliche, but I've tried very hard to live every day like that thanks to one Ms. Patty Mutch.  THANK YOU, Pat, for having such a powerful impact in my life!!

and, Doug Babb: if you ever would like some company on one of your visits to Patty's gravesite, I would be so honored to join you.  






08/05/21 12:18 AM #8    

Kris Olinger (Sampson)

Hi Doug Babb and Nancy Evans....amoung others!! 

I'm laying here tonight reading these entries you have written about Pat....with tears in my eyes.  And also tears that I won't be with you all next week for the reunion.  I miss you both and so wish I would have made it happen.  When you go to visit Pat next week, which I'm sure you will, know that I'm there with you both in spirit.  And know that I'm giving you both a big hug as I miss you guys!!  Kris

08/05/21 12:47 PM #9    

Doug Babb

Dear Kris: Thank you for your kind comments about Pat. I am sorry you cannot attend. I will miss you.Just so you know, I think about you every time I hear a Friends of Distinction song. That wes a fun concert! All the best, Doug.

08/05/21 12:53 PM #10    

Doug Babb

Dear Nancy: Thank you for your wonderful comments about Pat. As High News Editor pals, we shared the joy of paste up nights with Pat. You articulated exactly the way her death impacted me over the years. I see you are going to attend the reunion, and that makes me very happy! All the best, Doug.

08/06/21 08:14 AM #11    

Sandy Sampson (Johnson)

I remember Pat. I only attended Mankato High for my senior year, but Pat always said hi. I remember her greeting me on one of my first days and introducing herself, and saying welcome. Meant so much coming from Bethany's high school and a class of 8! Cool lady!

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